The name "Victory Tattoos" was inspired by Valerie's middle name, which is a derivative of "Nike", the greek Goddess of Victory. 

According to her parents, Valerie has been an artist since birth. Even as a child, she insisted on decorating her math homework with gelpens. She was always the go-to girl in school for murals, portraits, set-designs, and anything else to do with the arts!

Since the age of 14, Valerie has worked as a visual artist, creating custom paintings and digital designs for clients internationally. Her passion for the arts grew exponentially after spending time in Europe as a young teen, visiting many great museums and churches.  


Valerie went on to pursue her passion for the arts in university. She majored in Fine Art History and Italian Studies and minored in Visual Arts at University of Toronto. 

Valerie first began her tattoo journey in 2019 in Vancouver, BC. Since 2020, she has been working at 7MAG Tattoos in Toronto, ON where she works alongside some of the city's best artists. She loves black and grey realism, microrealism, and fine line tattoos. 

When Valerie isn’t at the studio, she’s relaxing on her farm with her husband and animals.