Valerie did two tattoos for me and they turned out absolutely amazing!!!!

Valerie and Kory attended a friends wedding to do tattoos as the wedding favors for the guests (brilliant and unique)!

Everyone was so excited. Guests of all ages were lined up for this amazing gift!

Valerie and Kory provided a wide variety of tattoo options varying from letters, hearts, paws, to even detailed roses or rocket ships!

The area was extremely clean, safe and comfortable. They were courteous, friendly and extremely professional!

I have 7 other prior tattoos and Valerie is by far the best. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for some highly detailed, beautiful work.

These two are going places and I’m here for it! Keep up the amazing work. 

[ Steph - Victory Tattoos Google Review ]

The Victory Tattoo wedding experience exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Their remarkable efficiency ensured a seamless process from start to finish. The team’s pristine cleanliness and unwavering professionalism created a comfortable atmosphere.

What truly impressed me was their extensive selection of tattoo options, catering to every desire and requirement. Kory and Val's collaborative prowess is evident in their streamlined process, which made the entire experience enjoyable.

Kory and Val are a remarkable team that brings skill and creativity to the forefront. Their ability to accommodate diverse preferences while maintaining an efficient process sets them apart. If you're looking for a flawless Wedding tattoo experience with a wide range of options, professionalism, and a dynamic team, Victory Tattoo is an unparalleled choice. 

[ Aaron B. - Victory Tattoos Google Review ]

My experience at 7 MAG tattoos has always been so good. My tattoo artist Valerie is such a gem and the most sincere and kind person I’ve met, she really works with you to get the best designs for your tattoos. I’ve seen Val a hand full of times and she does not disappoint with her work, if your looking for fine line work tattoo artist Val is the girl to go and see.

5 stars ⭐️ hands down for Valerie and 7 MAG tattoo studio!! <3 

[ Michelle M. - Victory Tattoos Google Review ]

Valerie is an amazing tattoo artist! She really took the time to work with me to make sure my tattoos were exactly the way I wanted and she gave helpful design tips for the creative work as well. Her attention to detail is amazing and her line/accuracy work is a 10/10. Highly recommend her and will be visiting her for my future tatts!

[ Sanaz D. - Victory Tattoos Google Review ]

First off I would like to say wow this girl Val does an amazing job at tattoos. I was completely amazed that the wedding I was at had a tattoo station set up for the guest for FREE!! Val and her husband killed it working all afternoon and through out the evening tattooing the sickest little tattoos for anyone that wanted one. They are the best duo team working together, best experience ever at a wedding, they absolutely killed it and I wish them and their tattooing business nothing but the best and hopefully they can come tattoo at my wedding one day. ((I got the paw print)) 

[ Ashley M. - Victory Tattoos Google Review ]

Val is the kindest, most trustworthy tattoo artist I have ever worked with. Her attention to detail is beyond belief. She is simply the best. I highly recommend getting tattooed by her! She takes her time in making sure you are 100% happy. My husband and I had gotten these two pieces done by her in April and they both healed beautifully. I cannot wait to work with her again on future tattoos! 

[ Effie P. - Victory Tattoos Google Review ]

Talented and kind artist all around!! I only go to artists who I know will care about my new tat as much as I do. Thank you Val!!! <3 

[ Joanna P. - Victory Tattoos Google Review ]

The absolute best tattoo artist. Val is without a doubt the kindest, most welcoming, most patient artist I have ever met. She is talented and really takes her time when providing the service. I won’t get my tattoos done by anyone else!!! 

[ Angela S. - Victory Tattoos Google Review ]

Val is just the best! I love all the work she’s done for me and recommend her to anyone who’s looking to get amazing tattoo work done! 

[ Shaun R. - Victory Tattoos Google Review ]

Val is a long time friend to me. For as long as Ive know her.. she has always been artistic and has a passion for art. Val is very professional, honest, and amazing at her work. My sister and her husband have been to Val for finger tattoos and they healed amazing and very sharp writing. I love victory tattoos

[ Natalie B. - Victory Tattoos Google Review ]

Valerie did my first ever tattoo back in March and she is simply fantastic! Made me feel so comfortable and just made the whole general experience enjoyable! And her work is amazing! I got a dainty little bumble bee tattoo in memory of my Nana who passed away in July 2021. Valerie has given me the beautiful gift of memorializing my wee Nana!

The shop is also amazing! Very clean, very open, doesn’t feel stuffy or cluttered!

Would highly recommend this shop and highly highly recommend Valerie! She’s the best! 

[ Drew M. - 7MAG Tattoos Google Review ]

I have gotten 5 tattoos and 1 tattoo touch up done by Valerie and she is amazing! Her work station is always clean, she is very professional and she makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable! Val’s work is incredible and she is so accommodating! She has made many of my tattoo ideas come alive and I’ve been more than obsessed with them ever since! I’ve recommended her to many of my friends/family who all love her and continue to get work done by her! She’s my #1 artist! 10/10 would recommend Valerie! 

[ Isabella S. - Victory Tattoos Google Review ]

Been to a decent amount of shops throughout the gta and waterloo , Valerie is by far my favorite artist in not only her abilities but with vibes and developing friendships as well ! 

[ Dante W. - Victory Tattoos Google Review]

I walked into 7MAG Tattoo randomly one day to inquire about a new tattoo where I was greeted by Valerie & immediately connected. She drew up my idea of flowers drawn by grandparents & brought my idea to life. Her attention to detail and fine line work is Immaculate & her creativity really shines through. Not only was her tattoo work amazing, she also made me so comfortable & was super personable throughout my whole experience. It was so great I went back a month later for another tattoo by Val. The shop itself is very clean, bright, beautiful and up to date with infection control protocols. I’ve since moved back to Ottawa but 100% will drive to Toronto just for my next tattoo with Valerie. 

[ Amy P. - 7MAG Tattoos Google Review ]

Valerie was very easy to communicate with and did an amazing job with my tattoo! She was able to get me in for an appointment within two weeks of reaching out, and she brought my idea to life. She is super detailed and a great artist. I'll definitely be back! 

[ Sean M. - 7MAG Tattoos Google Review ]

I came to 7mag tattoos to do a tattoo of mine after just stumbling by the shop on the street. I came across Valerie’s profile and absolutely loved her work. She was very detailed and went over my design several times until it was perfect, she took her time while tattooing me and it is by far one of my favourites. Overall, she was amazing! Very professional and I will definitely be back. I recommend Val for your next tattoo!! 

[ Darlen P. - 7MAG Tattoos Google Review]

I randomly came across Valerie’s work on Instagram and I am so glad I did. 10 tattoos later I’m still in awe with her work. Valerie was kind, welcoming and professional right from the start. I have recommended her to many friends and family members. Thank you Valerie, for always making me feel comfortable and thank you for designing and tattooing my most meaningful tattoos. I can’t wait for the next one! 

[ Angela S. - 7MAG Tattoos Google Review ]

This was my second tattoo because I dont do well with pain but this experience got me already planning my next visit!

Valerie was amazing in keeping me busy with easy flow conversations and time went by fast.

Did I mentioned she also designed my tattoo in one go and I was beyond surprised at how she was able to get the image I have on my head.

Thank you so much Valerie, I cant wait to be back!!! 

[ ADK - 7MAG Tattoos Google Review ]

Valerie was an amazing tattooist! From the second I dm’d her on Instagram she was extremely friendly and awesome at communicating. I was organizing three tattoo for three different people on the same day and she made the whole process so easy. Thank you for giving us exactly what we came looking for and for being so great. We all love our tattoos! 

[ Deborah M. - 7MAG Tattoos Google Review]

I have to say this is one of the best places I have ever been for tattoos. Fun staff, knowledgeable, clean and the environment is very relaxing, very chill.

But I want to make a huge shoutout to my tattoo artist, Val. Val is by far the most gentle, most meticulous, and one of the most gifted artists. She take time to design what you are looking for, makes sure it is positioned perfectly, and lastly makes you feel good during the whole process. I will put it to you this way. I love her so much as an artist I can’t stop going back to her and continue the work we started. I recommend her to everyone I know. I feel blessed to have such a talented artist working on me. Thank you Val and thank you to the team at 7mag. I will forever support and come back to you. Highly recommend. For any type of design. She is YOUR woman!!!! 

[ Matteo C. - 7MAG Tattoos Google Review ]

got a tattoo here by Valerie, shes so talented and so nice making me feel so at ease and calm. I was nervous it would hurt but she was so delicate I didn't feel a thing! Her amazing artwork and her vibe is the reason I'll be going back to get inked again. 10/10 recommend her!! 

[ Ciara T. - 7MAG Tattoos Google Review ]

I love Val!! I got my first tattoo done by her, and I now have a total of 9 thanks to her. She makes the experience extremely memorable, and makes the client feel comfortable every step of the way! I have nothing but appreciation towards Val, and I always look forward to the next time that she can tattoo me! 

[ Jodi A. - 7MAG Tattoos Google Review]

Amazing place! Staff is extremely welcoming + friendly. Very clean and airy space and would make anyone feel comfortable getting their tattoo done. Val is such a talent- she’s nailed each and every tattoo I’ve had done by her. She’s done detailed shading to delicate fine lines; she can do it all! 

[ Elizabeth M. - 7MAG Tattoos Google Review ]

Valerie’s fine line work is hands down the best I’ve ever seen. I will never go anywhere else. She gave me the most incredible gift in the love, detail and experience she put into my tattoos. They also healed very quickly. She made sure that everything was extremely sanitized and clean.

[ Jordan C. - 7MAG Tattoos Google Review ]

Valerie made our tattoo experience very comfortable and enjoyable. My friend and I got matching tattoos and both turned out stunning. She was very pleasant and professional. Highly recommend and will be going back for more in the future.

[ Emma M. - 7MAG Tattoos Google Review ]

I had Valerie as my artist and she did a great job. I got a small butterfly done on my hip and an inner lip tattoo and it was quick and beautifully done. Was a great experience all around and I’ll definitely be booking with her for my next tattoo.

[ Tristan V. - 7MAG Tattoos Google Review ]

I came across Valerie's work on instagram while visiting Toronto and had to book an appointment. A year later, I am travelling from the UK just so Val can help me execute my visions. The 2nd tattoo was a coverup and I couldnt be happier with how it turned out. She is extremely talented, creative, detail oriented with the lightest touch. Cant wait to come back for more!

[ Zara S. - 7MAG Tattoos Google Review ]

I had the pleasure of being tattooed by valerie, she is an excellent artist, she knows her work perfectly, she is practical and really has a lot of talent, she is a really magnificent and kind person, the thing that struck me the most is that she has a really delicate hand, the pain with valerie does not exist. If you want a scary tattoo done really very well and without pain you already know who to choose!!! 

[ Gym B. - 7MAG Tattoos Google Review]

Got my first tattoo with Valerie at 7MAG and she made the whole experience so comfortable! Love my little tree tattoo!! Definitely going back for more! 

[ Kiru B. - 7MAG Tattoos Google Review ]

Had an amazing experience at 7MAG Valerie is patient and very good at what she does , my Tattoo came out exactly like I wanted and I get compliments often! THANK YOU! 

[ M. M. - 7MAG Tattoos Google Review ]

Valerie was very helpful. She helped through out the planning and design process. I couldn’t be happier with the results. 

[ Pepe N. - Victory Tattoos Google Review ]

 Val is such a talented tattoo artist ! She has done 2 of my tattoos so far and the experience has been nothing short of amazing. She walks you through the entire process and makes you feel so comfortable. I was undecided on a couple ideas and she helped me created something one of a kind. From large pieces to small script, she pays attention to the fine details that make your tattoos top notch.

Highly recommend her for any of your tattoos! 

[ Christina S. - Victory Tattoos Google Review ]

Valerie cares about the story and meaning behind your tattoo idea. When you tell her your ideas she listens and offers you genuine feedback. She’s patient and kind and ensures you feel comfortable during the entire experience. 

[ Yalda - Victory Tattoos Google Review ]